Thursday, July 31, 2008

Facebook stalking at its best

You know what's really good?
Cameron Sinclair's facebook stati.

"Cameron South Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Italy, Biloxi in 10 days. eek."

"Cameron is off to the airport with 90 min. till my flight. drive like the wind mr. bus driver."

"Cameron had a great dinner last night with Mr. Benetton while wearing a Benetton shirt. Thank goodness it wasn't Mr. Speedo."

"Cameron is sitting in the lobby where the worlds' business leaders are fighting over free cheeseckae squares. oh, the humanity."

"Cameron Sinclair calls it. Facebook 1 FEMA 0 -- we did it in 12 hours. Thanks guys."

He's pretty fly. You should meet him. If you email him he'll email you back.

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