Thursday, July 24, 2008


I was in summertime Chi for 3 hours Monday, so I went and visited my favorite place to visit in Chicago (aside from OPRF), the Chicago Architecture Foundation! Yippee.
AND they were having this exhibit called "Green with Desire." They had categories associated with building and American living in general that cause problems in society and the environment. I especially enjoyed the ones about how the standards for comfort and status changed as certain building and transportation practices became cheaper or more convenient. It's pretty well-rounded and has a ton of factoids everywhere. Some of them are just thrown out there, like, "Building subdivisions can result in five to ten times more soil erosion than farming," but many are rooted in Chicago buildings and historical 'hoods, so it's super interesting.
If you're in town, you should most definitely check it out!
They also have affiliated events coming up.
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