Thursday, July 24, 2008


What if… public trans (PT) was actually really convenient and fresh to death? What if we had WIFI on the articulated buses and knew how long we’d have to wait before the next Rapid swooped by, bike racks rollin more than two deep? I have an idea, well, a few.

One: Double the number of buses on the streets. What? Whoa, that’s expensive. Whatever. If you build it, they will ride. If buses want respect, get allll up in cars' grillz. No one ever sees buses, so we think two things :they never pass(i.e. the PT system sucks), and they're huge, scary, monsters. The best way to solve this is to get people more familiar with the size, scope, and intensity of buses. The more interactions, the better! Get up in their grillz, theirtheir grillz.

Two: -and this can be done maybe on the cheap- label and number the bus stops. They could all start from some sort of central point(like, downtown, maybe?) and have some sort of directionality attached to them. So like, the 85th bus stop on Sepulveda, north of LAX could be stop 85N. Whytf would you want to do this? Very simple:

Because then you could call 1800-COMMUTE and, say you’re waiting for the next 761 rapid bus going north, you’d type in the route number (761) and the bus stop (85N) and bam!!! A sexy automated voice whispers “BUS number 761 going NORTH towards stop 85 NORTH will arrive at 6:10 PM” it’s 6:05 right now. Sweet, I have to wait five minutes.

Or no?

Upcycle, please.

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