Thursday, July 31, 2008


Here's a mappie that Daniela made for the biking design competition she's working on this summer. Somebody's been working on their PS skilllzz. Here's some of the text from the email this map was attached to:

hihi. hurrs one of my mappies. it doesn't have a key or scale or north arrow yet, so it's kinda not readable...but it's the only one of my mappies that i can get small enough to send. grr. i'm tryin to see if i can get the other ones smallish too, but anyway. i've been meaning to send you this one forever cause it's my fav so far. it's basically just a straight info map. color coded for the building uses (purple's residential, brown's industrial, pink is commercial, orange is public, and green is green!). then there are the red dot things that are points of interest. and the thru/no-thru symbols for getting past the bqe. I also did a bit of intervention stuff on this map but i might separate it out in the final version...the blue line is a possible commuter route and the light orange-ish is a possible recreational route (the existing stuff is those green chevrons). and lastly. the orange ripple is a time/distance calculation from the train station. sorta. i dunno how to make that part clearer. the ripples happen every quarter mile and the numbers are the minutes it would take to ride to somewhere in that area if you ride at about 8-10 mph (which is kinda slow but considering you're never going in a straight line, i thought it should be pretty accurate) oh! and the dotted lines with the number/letter combos are the building zones! and the little blue oPo things are a symbol for existing bike parking. hahaha. and the arrows are the street directionality...okay. i think that's it! haha

Pretty sweeeeetsters.

Upcycle, please.

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