Thursday, July 24, 2008


I'm not Toniopants, but it says who I am at the bottom.

So I'm temporarily in Memphis, Tenn., because that's where I grew up and all, but today was the first time EVER that I took the public transit system in this city. Apparently ridership has been up because of gas prices, and today I took the 50 Poplar and there were probably about 40 people on that bus. Everyone yelled "Back door!!!" to the bus driver when he forgot to let someone off, and then we all laughed. It was one of the most enjoyable bus rides I've had in a while.

In addition to being super sassy, the MATA is offering rides for a quarter (that's twenty-five cent) on code red ozone days. I kinda wish I was staying long enough to see one of these days and see the bus PACKED.

In addition to the sassy bus drivers and the atmospheric considerations, at least some of the buses have some seats facing each other, not like across an aisle, but across perpendicular to how the road stretches. (Get it?) So strangers were striking up convos in these funseats.

Maybe my experience was special and magical; maybe it's always like that? I'm going to try to confirm it's the latter by adventuring. Here's a beautiful pdf map. I'm having an acute affinity to the city of Memphis all of a sudden.

Cycle up now!!

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