Monday, August 4, 2008


The following pictures are from the Arleta Garden Club, located under the utilities that run parallel to Caterbury Avenue from roughtly Devonshire Ave up in North Hills to the Tujunga Wash over in Arleta. I like to call it the Canterbury Greenway, but I don’t think that’s the official name. A boy can dream.

The land below the powerlines is owned by the LA Dept. of Water and Power and they let interested people farm on some of it for either a small fee. I think its like, $60 a year (according to my mom). Anyway, it’s site#1 on my list of places to cyclebomb.

It’s entirely run by the community, which is dope. But not many people know about it. Directly over the fence from the farms is something that has the potential to become a bike path.

These are some trees that like to lean with it. (Sometimes, they also rock with it.)

A Pole. I'd like to stick some flowers in it.

This is probably the coolest kick-it spot in the entire Valley.

Peas? Sunflowers? Sunshowers.

Cantebury Elementary School's garden.

A row of corn.
More corn.
Eat your heart out, Mr. Getty.

I like this untamed wildnerness look a lot.

Upcycle, please.

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