Monday, August 11, 2008


Gabe: "I like my coffee how i like my women:black and ground up."
Me:" ground up?"
Gabe: "yes. Also, roasted and free trade."

I think by that, Gabe means that he looks forward to a day where people of all cultures can be embraced freely throughout the world and appreciated for their innate human potential for creativity and kindness. Of course, that's only possible if this human potential is not only aligned with those of the natural environment, but beneficial to the whole world, as well. That's an idea I can really get behind.

There's something about that unbridled human potential gabe desires that really speaks to me. You know?

Upcycle, please.


Carleen said...

antonio, i am very happy for your interpretation. because, without it, i would think that our friend gabriel was just fulfilling the stereotype of the hypersexualized dominican man. in reality, he was making a positive statement about all humanity and interconnectedness.

gabrielherrera said...

lolz all around

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