Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I took a walk the other day and snapped some pictures of some of the stuff that's being built around where I live. It's interesting and maybe a bit compelling.

The first two pictures are from this group of single-family/detatched houses being built kind of near my house. Obviously, SFD houses are super wack, but this lot used to be some sort of reallly crappy crack house-looking area. So maybe its better? The houses are smaller than the real suburban stuff they're building in the far away suburbs. So somehow, this is sort of a medium ground between Palmdale and Van Nuys? But in the end, it's pretty blah.

Woodman Village.

Front Alley.

This second site is another housing area a few blocks up and over from the previous one. These houses are obviously much larger (and expensive) and obviously, wasteful. Bad News Bears. You know? Theres pretty much nothing great that can be said about it. They're being built on an infill lot that used to just be empty and filled with tall dried up weeds. Actually, the properties that surround this site are still tall dried up weeds and theyre sort of beautiful sans invasive species. Before they were stuccoed over, the walls were covered in graff. Welcome to the neighborhood.



The last two projects are right next to each other on Van Nuys Boulevard, right before Woodman Ave. Van Nuys is sort of like the heart of The Valley. Second to Ventura Boulevard, it's our biggest and most densely populated street. It's the street that carries the best bus service and has lots of mom and pop shops. Anyway, this seems to either be poorly designed on in the early staged of construction because of how far back the units you can see are from the street. The second picture illustrates this. I'm standing on the sidewalk, looking down into the lot. I think there are gonna be more units built facing the street. Anyway, this is good in terms of density but probably not designed super well or really, that thoughtfully. But I think it represents a step in the right direction. The second project is directly south of this one and was recently finished. It's kind of ugly and hospital-looking

This picture doesnt have a title. But under the yellow metal thing on the right, there was a guy washing his car (the yellow thing is a car wash place) who was blasting spanish music, dancing, and texting at the same time. It was great/made me jealous of his skillz.

Off the Street.


Upcycle, please!

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