Saturday, August 23, 2008


Here's another nostalgic post about my summer thats very much related to the Metro Pass post prior to this one. It's also my first post I've written since I've arrived back in St. Louis.

Anyway, here are some pictures:

Van Nuys and Nordhoff. This is where I got picked up by the 761/233 bus that took me to work/the outside world. Theres a lamp post towards the center of the picture that casts a really nice shadow between 6:45 and 7:25 in the morning(the picture is taken looking directly south). I like to stand in the shadow so the sun doesnt bug me...
Sepulveda/Getty Ctr Dr. This, obviously, is where I get dropped off for worksters by my bus driver friends. It's also where I get the bus when I head down to WeWo for fun adventures. Notice the giant Bernizzle poster. bamf. ©Samantha Turpel

Westwood/Lindbrook. Now THIS is where the magic happens. I waited here many a late night for that Late PM early AM 233 route from Westwood to Lake View Terrace. This is where I helped a bunch of people navigate the PubTrans system we have in LA/ talked to people on the phone.

So the point of these pictures goes back to that prior post; I'm trying to grapple with the significance that certain moments in the urban fabric have for me, personally. Here, these "moments" consist of street corners, intersections, and physical bus stops. And the only way I've come to appreciate these places has been through the use of PubTrans. I never appreciated them or knew of their existance when I drove, they didn't even exist to me. Now, I have memories of conversations and thoughts and sentiments that took place here, memories that have helped establish ties between myself and the communities these bus stops sit in. And somehow these memories make for a richer and more fulfilling experience and life, overall. Essentially, they make me happy.

So that brings me to the following thought: if these sorts of experiences have the ability to make me happy, how can I, as an architect, etc, create similar sorts of experiences for people when I design? And moreover, why have we, as a society, collectively chosen to turn so harshly away from this sort of design. It's these moments of gestured and mediated randomness that often produce the best sorts of social interactions and personal moments of self awareness, I think. How can we make it so that there are more places like these three bus stops?

Upcycle, please.

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