Wednesday, August 6, 2008


I forgot to post this on monday, but the fam and I attempted to take the Summer Beach Bus this weekend. And we failed. It seems like an awesome idea, doesnt it! Take the bus/bike/drive to one of the SBB stops and just hop on and go to the beach! It's like, 50 cents per ride, which, even for my family, reallyreally beats gas/parking. So we decided to do it.

There are, however, several issues with the bus, specifically with in terms of scheduling. It's okay that there are only like, three buses every day. We dont usually spend more than four hours at the beach, anyway, so it is sort of convenient to have such strict pick up times. But what does bother me is that the SBB, like so much of the Metro system here, only runs Monday-Saturday. I'm sorry, Metro, but that's absolutel bullshit.

Really, you're not going to offer bus service to the beach on sunday? I understand that it's summer, people/kids are on vacation, etc and going to the beach on a tuesday morning is probably a viable option for some people. But to completely suspend service on a sunday-which happens to be the day my family usually dedicates to family outings- is a bit irresponsible and really, just bad business. I feel like most people who beach it, do so on the weekends. And the beaches are always swarming on sundays. Is it really that much more expensive to run three extra buses per week?

This is a problem that Metro absolutely loves getting itself into. That is, they offer crappy service on the weekends/holidays/after 9pm and in doing so, shoot themselves in the feet. I understand that its probably not terribly profitable to run buses at these times, but I feel like part of the problem is that because service isnt as frequent or reliable, PT is much less of an option. It takes infinitely longer to get anywhere on the bus from 9pm friday-7am monday. Maybe if they intentionally offerent more service during these times, they could boost ridership.

upcycle, please.

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