Thursday, September 25, 2008


DJ and I gonna be all up in the Chi/OPRF for the weekend with the architecture kids, so we wont be bloggstering til at least Sunday. Hopefully, Melissa, Hitomi, and William can hold the upcycle fort down. Officially, we're gonna be touring Frank Lloyd Wright suburban households and skyscrapers in the Loop. But I think DJ and I will just spend all out time scoping out all the sustainable shizzle Chicago has going for it.

And maybe we''ll throw a Flosstradamus/Kid Sister/Cool Kids/A-Trak show into that 312 Goose Island mix. You know?

Chicago has been a special place for me since I went there for the first time two years ago. It's definitely the coolest city in the country (sorry, LA?) and I take most of my musical/fashion/intellectual/environmental cues from the chicago scene. It's a city with purpose and conviction, in spite of social inequality and segregation. And there's that vegan soul food place on the South Side I really want to hit up.

Damn, it's good to come home again.

Upcycle, please.


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