Sunday, September 28, 2008


Whoa-ly mother of pearl. Chicago has a lot of a lot things, all of which as super cool. Like all these dope ass road bikes we saw around town, most of them fixies. Some with PURPLE/GREEN/PINK chains!!!

Chicago really has it's biking shizz down. At least, the culture is there. And its not just confined to hipsterdom, which is good. Theres a program Chi City has that I'm going to write about soon, so stay tuned. Til then, enjoy these bikies, mikey.

So. Funking. Baller.

Casualty of War(against the automobile)

Michigan Avenue/ Art Institute

Everyone loves a green bike

The coolest bike racks i've seen in a long time

view from the bus
even old ladies appreciated the seats on these

in front of the hotel


Dead Peugot. Sad.

Wicker Basket Wednesdays.

So this last one isn't from Chicago. it's from Munich, the land of beer, brats, cold campsites, and apparently, bicycles.

Cuties, galore.

Upcycle, please.

Antonio Pacheco

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