Thursday, September 18, 2008


I found these pipes today on my walk home at that big church on the corner of Wydown and Skinker. There was some construction being done on the sidewalk and im guessing these pipes came from there. They're really beautiful. I wonder how old they are. Obviously, they're pretty old and in that sense, timeless and beautiful. They're a testament to the St. Louis of old, the clay city that was built up from the mud of the Mississippi so long ago. They are also a testament to the changes the city is undergoing, perhaps from clay to cement. From tradition to something new, something more sterile and with less implication. Or more.

These pipes remind me of the fragility of the cities we live in and how quickly they can fall into disrepair and agony. They also remind me of the history of this place and the way in which technology can put things into perspective so easily. No one would ever lay clay pipes today; they're probably not even made anymore. But this city's veins are made of clay and dirt and muck. And no matter how much concrete gets poured, every so often, after a big storm or flood, the clay will make its presence known.

Upcycle, please.
There is always light at the end of the tunnel.

Antonio Pacheco

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