Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Wait. Really? Of course, I firmly believe that drilling for oil anywhere is an absolute crime against humanity and nature, but really, Democrats? What a cowardly, spineless bunch, these senators and representatives. It has been said again and again that drilling offshore/ in Alaska would not immediately impact gas prices for at least, ten years. And even then, the effects would be slight and temporary. And yet, the senate feels the pressing need to so easily and quickly give into public pressure for an expansion of oil production.

Right now, as a nation and as citizens of the world, we need, above all else, leadership. Leadership is at least a two fold process: one must know how to listen, as well as how and when to speak. The latter includes knowing how and when to speak out against what's popular, especially if it is wrong and backward.

Right now, no one is telling us we're wrong. The politicians speak of change and of curbing our oil addiction. But they dont ever say anything of any real substance, none of them do. And this represents a serious frustration because how can we move past the decadence of the last 60 years of american history and culture without a plan? Without a backbone? Talkingpoints and buzzwords will not solve any of our problems. Not to mention that our oil addiction is but a symptom of what's really wrong. No one is willing to say that the environmental/economic/oil/housing crises are all based off of the fact that american culture and economics are fundementally flawed on the most basic of levels. A society cannot be sustained through economic, social, and environmental inequality. It is doomed to collapse or fall into despair. The country is going through such terrible economic woes because of these inequalities. The longer these situations go unchanged, the more amplified the inequalities become.

And yet, no one in Washington or anywhere else is really willing to stand up and say we're wrong or much less, offer solutions. Or is it that no one in washington or anywhere else is really willing to listen? Because listening means acknowlegment of the inequalities we perpetuate against ourselves every day. And such acknowlegement demands action. And action is just another word for change. And so, we choose to remain ignorant and comfortable, sedated by the individualized notions of security and happiness we associate with cars, homes, and lawns.

Upcycle, please.

Antonio Pacheco

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