Thursday, September 25, 2008

Silent Shout

(Kinda curious as to what's going on in the Southeast. Pink states are just leaning McCain, whereas red ones are McCainland. Yellow is a "tossup")

I'm not bumping into the Cool Kids, and I'm extremely jealous of anyone in Chicago anytime, but I spoke with some strangers today and this is what one of them said (she is working for the Obama campaign one hour west of St. Louis, which is most likely McCain territory):

A lot of my friends are Republicans and most of them don't even want to talk about why they're voting for McCain. I'm okay with them voting for McCain, I just wish they could talk about it.

I told her about the WashU campus feeling apathetic because most people are voting for Obama, and the homogeneity leads to a false sense of security and dismissal of political discussions. The other lady I was talking to was also working for the Obama campaign and was scared because the polls are still so close. It's clear that the presidential race is very close, yet students don't really discuss issues in depth. Most people don't agree completely with Obams, why not discuss that with your fellow Democrats? The corruption of the political system that arose from the two-party system is crystal clear. If you can latch onto one side, it's easy to not have to think through and weigh everything; you don't really have to have a reason to vote for a candidate, even. Why can't we talk it out?

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