Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I'm 1000% against the use of PVC pipe in any situation . BUT maybe today is a little different. DJ and I found a box full of cut up pipe PVC pipes on the top floor of the architecture building. We've managed to steal some away to our desks in studio and we're trying to figure out what to do with them.

They look like this:

DJ likes to use them as pencil holders and whatnot:
And that seems to work.

I kind of want to grow stuff in them, maybe something to compliment our rusty tin can black beans? I was thinking of maybe drilling smallish holes in the walls of the pipes and using those spots to grow chives or grasses? a la strawberry pot?

But really, I want to find a use for them that is a bit more dynamic; I want them to do more than simply hold things. Do you have any ideas? Please leave ideas as comments. Don't be scared. We have lots of them/ are willing to experiment. I feel like this could be a great opportunity for some real upcycling, yeah?

Upcycle, please.

Antonio Pacheco

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Will said...

PVC monster

Mini assembly line

string them together to make a ladder

rainsticks (fill with rice)

many small potato cannons (cannonitos)

hair curlers

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