Monday, October 20, 2008


This Saturday, I was in the middle of this here crowd. And it was an amazing experience. I'm pretty sure there havent been 100,000 people in Downtown St. Louis is over 50 years. Talk about change.

I hear Obama saying the right things and I think people are listening. I think this is it? But lets not get too sure of ourselves, as my dad said last night, somewhat jokingly, "you know how white people like to change their minds..."

I hope Obams doesn't get Tom Bradleyd. Please?

Anyway, when I was there, I was amazed by how pumped up (and ready to go?) people were about this campaign and about the possible future. I saw tons and tons of people hustling Obama gear out of the trunks of their cars and suitcases all Along S. Memorial Drive/I-70. I bought this shirt from some guy for $10 (he wanted $15, but I talked him down/ please excuse my sock in the lower left corner of the picture?) Then, I ran into these girlies who were stenciling shirts! And I bought this shirt from them (they had just made it)

They were from, which is realllly rad/cool/awesomepossum. Basically, they're two girls from Cali who are driving around the country making art and promoting Obama. They were in Madison last week; I'm not sure where they're headed next! They had this whole set up saturday with stencils and spraypaint, etc for people to make their own shirts! I'm quite a fan of their aesthetic. Here's a video!

After the speech, I bused (93 Midtown-South County) it down to Cherokee Street and had myself some lunch! Then, I headed over to Jay's International Foods (7O Grand) and bought a ten pound sack of rice in a burlap bag. Totes?

Upcycle, Please

Antonio Pacheco


Anonymous said...

Bob what are you going to do with a ten pound sack of rice


Antonio Pacheco said...

I'm just trying to EAT.

Anonymous said...

mmmm, the food is good and vote for the BIG "O"

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