Friday, October 3, 2008


That's What She Said

The debate was good? Interesting? Damn, why is Sarah Palin so charming? There's something about her "folksy" mannerisms/alaskan accent that I find really charming in a simple, false sort of way. It's obviously a ploy. It's totally fake. But its so false that it might be real, such an act that it could not be. And I think that's why she's so dangerous. She has the ability to appeal to the sort of people who are going to win this election for either Barack or McCain, the simple folk. The "joe six packs" and soccer moms of Missouri, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. The sort of people the media and these candidates have been making martyrs of the the last year, the people who are neither open minded nor educated enough to really consider her act a farse. Those who want immediate satisfaction and relief. She appeals to the people who can be hoodwinked and duped by inflamatory words and phrases, "higher taxes," "gay marriage," "our troops," etc etc.

Coincidentally, those are the same people who do not believe in climate change and are making no attempt to lead more sustainable lives. I don't think Joe Six Pack recycles. And he definite doesnt convert those aluminum cans to heliostats for use in growing food indoors. You know? Maybe not. The point is, her debate style has appeal. But her policies and intellect are rather sub-par and ill-conceived.

But maybe, that's what some Americans are looking for.

I'm not, though.

Upcycle, please.

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