Thursday, October 30, 2008


We're throwing a Metrolink appreciation event this saturday in an attempt to get the word out about Proposition M and... to have lots of fun. EVERYONE'S talking about it and it's going to be a pretty amazing thing. I don't know what to wear. Various shades of beige, probably. With some sort of snazzy tie.

No two things go better together than formalwear and public transportation, right!? So, Saturday, Novermber 1st, but on a tux and meet us at the Delmar Station at 7:15. There are rumors of a Wash U accapella group providing music for us to dance to. In order to attend, you have to:

1) show up
2) look nice
3) buy a metro ticket, transfer, or pass
4) be ready freddy to have fun

This is our chance to save the metro, will you join us?!

I'm still looking for a date, though. Any takers? Leave a comment if you're interested.

Upcycle, please,

Antonio Pacheco

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