Monday, October 27, 2008

PROP M Part 2

Public Transit is Upcycling (and as an Upcycler, you should vote yes on Proposition M)

In St. Louis, we have the resource of a public transit system set to expand and become even more useful to our citizens. By using railroad right-of-ways, the MetroLink utilizes space that was otherwise unused. And most importantly, public transit allows users to reclaim lost time in their day. When they would be sitting in traffic, staring at the car behind them, they can take a nap or read a book as they move along on the bus or train. All that discarded time becomes something productive, where we're interacting with our neighbors and getting where we need to go. Not to mention that public transit means sharing resources, which is inherently less wasteful.

So, we have to support this system. We already have a set of train tracks that run out to the county, and we already have all these resources created. We must use them to the extent they deserve to be used: and that means funding for operation. If Metro goes forward with the planned cuts to services, then our trains and buses become unused resources, and we'll lose the valuable human capital that serves so many jobs in our transit system.

Public transit does a lot of good for us, and needs our support to continue operating. The half-cent sales tax increase that Proposal M supports will allow Metro to continue to operate and to expand, and we deserve a transit system that will serve our needs into the future. Please make it to the end of the ballot and vote yes on Proposal M.

-Miss Metrolink

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