Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Locks of Love Indubitably

I chopped off my hair (probably around a foot of hair), and it was easy.
These are the reasons for me why it was so:
1. I usually can't donate blood because of iron deficiency.
2. I don't really like my hair that much.
3. I can grow it back while the kids with leukemia can't at this point in their lives.
This is a gross generalization, as usual, but since my scalp is healthy, I think I'll keep donating hair for a while. Isn't it weird that strangers send hair to a strange wig factory so a stranger can maybe have a better social life and a boost in their self-esteem? And how the pictures have the donors holding up their newly shed ponytails as if it were a prize-winning deer head or a tuna fish?
The end.

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