Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Who wants to come to the Rose Parade with me?? I'm pretty certain I'm going!

Recently, I've gotten really into parades and other silly forms of american-ness(TG parades in Chi, for example). Okay, so maybe I'm just into parades? Anyway, the Rose Parade is probably the biggest tradition we have in LA and since I've never been, I figured I'd probably go! I'm not camping out, though. Funk that. I'm just gonna roll up at 4am or something.

The Gold Line runs all night
! In LA, all the rail lines are running allll nightttt longggg. So don't drive (in general), but especially tonight. My days of getting stranded in Pas and getting driven 3/4 of the way back to the valley are over! (for tonight, anyway).

Upcycle, please,

Antonio Pacheco

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