Monday, December 29, 2008

I Wish My Camera Worked

My camera is dumb.

but... I had a bus/walking adventure today!

VEGAN DONUTS HAVE BEEN CONQUERED!!!! sososo good. Laura and I hit up the Intelligista and finally, found some of the much-desired vegan donuts. They were pretty yummy and glazy. Sticky fingers ensued. They have really strong espresso and tasty tonic water.

Walking the streets of Los Angeles is fun except that it's been nice and warm and I still dress like im in st louis (read: scarf/coat). Oy.

I went to the Iliad Bookstore in North Hollywood (NoHo) and bought a book, but I can't say which one. It's a really sweet place, you should check it out. Again, it was hot; I walked down the North Hollywood/ Burbank Chandler bikeway.

I also went to Carter Sexton (bought some Le Pens) and a small russian grocery store.

Yay. This kind of doesnt relate to anything? Idk.

Upcycle, please


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