Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Not Writing Sucks

Not having time to write really sucks. I think I’ve realized that I am generally happier and healthier when I am constantly putting out a stream of consciousness on this here blog. That becomes troubling when my time is sucked up by other aspects of my life and/or I am too mentally preoccupied with these other aspects that I don’t really have the energy to process critical thought. Of course, this was the first semester of schooling while blogging and although, the results were mixed at very best, I feel encouraged. That’s because there’s room for improvement.

I feel like I have learned a great deal over the last six or so months we’ve been blogging, both about the world, as a whole, and myself, specifically. And that’s essentially been the point of this endeavor- to learn and teach, about our soundings, ourselves, and where those two ideas intersect.

So, hopefully, as I have time to collect and nurture my thoughts over the next three weeks, I will begin a series of writings that will hopefully carry well into the coming semester.

Upcycle, please
Antonio Pacheco

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