Thursday, January 22, 2009

Inauguration Nation

Change, far and wide, has come. Officially. And now, things are meant to get better.

At least, hopefully.

My personal journey with Barack Obama came full circle this week when, on another blisteringly cold day, I stood shoulder to shoulder with friends and strangers, waiting for him to speak. This time, however, we were not waiting for a speech about what the future might or should be, but what it can be, what it will be. And still, we all found ourselves listening intently, slightly doubtful; his selling of a particular vision of the future has never reall
y ended.

But it, of course, has taken a few steps forwards. Barack is now President and what started off as a hopefuly, long shot of a dream has come to fruition. And hopefully, this fact will sow the seeds of many more seasons of fruit yet to come. I wish the President much luck; his future depends on us probably more than ours depends on his.

Here are some pictures from the Inaug.

I had never been to Washington DC before, but I left feeling much impressed. It's a beautiful city with an amazing public trans system.


I had cold feet. Literally.
I dont know why im posting this picture, its kinda cool. But not really.

The grass was really dry and the millions of people at the Inauguration kicked up a lot of dust. It was sort of like we were waiting for the apocalypse. Except that everyone was really, really happy.

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Antonio Pacheco

Sunday, January 18, 2009


What a badass.

Laura saiz, kate merlie, and i are kickin it with this homeboy tomorrow and the day after in our nation's capital. It's my first time to dc and my third time to nyc. I've been shown a good time thus far, by far. Lets see where the weekend takes us. 

I'll report on the experience laters on.

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Antonio pacheco

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Yesterday, I picked up these tree books. I'm reading them simultaneously while working on my next architecture project.

I know, I know. I havent reviewed Omnivore's Dilemma yet, and I definitely haven't done so for Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, either. I'm thinking I might do a compare/contrast of those two books. Basically, OD and AVM were awesome in really different ways. They complimented each other very well.

These three books that I'm reading now hopefully also go well together? Sometimes, reading is a lot like cooking a meal, you know? Speaking of which, Natalie and I have been throwing a lot of dinner parties on Southwood lately. It's really awesome. Yesterday, we had some grass-fed beef from Whole Foods (sorry sorry), roasted golden beets, and mashed sweet potatoes with Will Fischer and Juicy T. Fun times. The night before, we had Melissa over for black beans, rice, and salsa. Monday, it was Daniela, Deej, and Hitomi. We had sopa de fideo and vegetarian chili. This morning, we had Carly and Will over for breakfast burritos.

Anyway, back to my new readings! I think it'd be cool to read these three books simultaneously because they form a sort of spectrum. You have naturalist John Muir on one end, he is almost exclusively a nature writer. Basically, his book is about his travels in the California mountains. He doesnt build anything, really. On the other end, you have Michael Pollan: a guy who doesnt do it yourself, but tries to. His book is a chronicle of his efforts at building himself a writing room in his backyard. Walden, of course, is this guy (Henry David Thoreau)who goes out to live in the woods and builds himself a house/ lives off the land. He's in the middle.

I'm reading a chapter from each book in the following order: Pollan, Thoreau, Muir. Lets see where that takes me,

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Antonio Pacheco

Friday, January 9, 2009

Training Day

I have many pictures to post. This break has been well chronicled, for all of its epicness.

But today, after a short trip to MOCA and Little Tokyo with the fambam, i depart back for St. Louis and that lovely little place I like to call college. There, I have a way of uploading pictures from my camera and *gasp!* a slightly more stable internet connection. So hopefully, come sunday evening, when I arrive, I'll post a little.

I'm wearing a tie today. To say good bye to the person who drops me off and to say hello to the one who picks me up.

til then, wish me luck!

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Antonio Pacheco

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Tap That

happy new year!

So the Metro in LA is really pushing the TAP card. I'm considering getting one, but maybe not because I'm leaving here soon and wont be back for a long while.

The animation in the video is really sweet.

I know Chicago and NYC have similar cards.

I'll keep y'allll posted. (i promise, a legit post is coming soon)

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