Thursday, January 15, 2009


Yesterday, I picked up these tree books. I'm reading them simultaneously while working on my next architecture project.

I know, I know. I havent reviewed Omnivore's Dilemma yet, and I definitely haven't done so for Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, either. I'm thinking I might do a compare/contrast of those two books. Basically, OD and AVM were awesome in really different ways. They complimented each other very well.

These three books that I'm reading now hopefully also go well together? Sometimes, reading is a lot like cooking a meal, you know? Speaking of which, Natalie and I have been throwing a lot of dinner parties on Southwood lately. It's really awesome. Yesterday, we had some grass-fed beef from Whole Foods (sorry sorry), roasted golden beets, and mashed sweet potatoes with Will Fischer and Juicy T. Fun times. The night before, we had Melissa over for black beans, rice, and salsa. Monday, it was Daniela, Deej, and Hitomi. We had sopa de fideo and vegetarian chili. This morning, we had Carly and Will over for breakfast burritos.

Anyway, back to my new readings! I think it'd be cool to read these three books simultaneously because they form a sort of spectrum. You have naturalist John Muir on one end, he is almost exclusively a nature writer. Basically, his book is about his travels in the California mountains. He doesnt build anything, really. On the other end, you have Michael Pollan: a guy who doesnt do it yourself, but tries to. His book is a chronicle of his efforts at building himself a writing room in his backyard. Walden, of course, is this guy (Henry David Thoreau)who goes out to live in the woods and builds himself a house/ lives off the land. He's in the middle.

I'm reading a chapter from each book in the following order: Pollan, Thoreau, Muir. Lets see where that takes me,

Upcycle, please

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