Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Design Build

Originally, I set out not in a crusade against comfort, but in an attempt to challenge how we've manifested our desire for comfort. I believe that we need soft, warm, pleasant places upon which to rest our souls, but I do not believe that the beds we have today are quite the right solution. They're too much. Too big, too processed; too far removed from the simplicity and innateness that is sleep and rest. I seek something that is simple and pure, something that fulfills that desire for darkness and dreams using the absolute minimum.

I'm in the process of designing and building myself a bed. Well, not a bed, something to sleep on. A sleeping surface? The requirements are quite simple: my sleeping surface must 1) lift me off the cold, cold floor ever so slightly, 2) give me a soft place to rest, and 3) be made of a material that is cheap, has a low environmental provenance, and would be interesting to work with.

Basically, I'm making a bed out of cardboard.

It's inspired by these pieces of furniture:

It's just not as fancy,

Upcycle, please

Antonio Pacheco

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