Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday Night

There are so many amazing things to do today!!

But I can't really do any of them! So you should go out and enjoy what St. Louis has to offer!

First of all Drop K is holding a live art show at the Gargoyle. I don't really know much about the event itself, but the Drop Knowledge kids are pretty interesting. They publish a magazine devoted to, among other things, doing interesting and enriching things in St. Louis. The facebook event doesn't give many details, but go.

I've always wanted to go to a ballet/dance show, but i've never been. But YOU can and should check out the Slaughter Project tonight! The homie Alex Gordon is dancing in this show and he's really cool. I'm super sad I can't go. Tickets are $20.

The other awesome thing that's happening is up in Old North St. Louis. The Crown Village development is finally nearing completion and the Restoration Group is hosting an art show in the nearly complete gallery space. So, you should check out the Old North St. Louis Art Show! They're gonna have awesome quilts.

I'm going to spend my afternoon attending a biomimicry masterclass!! BENYUS! Afterwards, I will be attending a sustainable pot luck (that is, a pot luck for my old sustainable design class. I dont know how sustainable the pot luck itself will be.)

So, do something awesome!

Upcycle, please

Antonio Pacheco

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Matt said...

Woah, I just stumbled upon your blog. Good stuff! I found myself scouring the lou for something to do and was pleasantly surprised.

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