Monday, March 16, 2009

New York City

I've been walking and talking, in and out of New York, over the last week. Here are some quick observations as I let my thoughts marinate (these are topics ive been thinking about, eventually, they'll turn into posts):

Holy shit, this place is big

But not really. I found New York oddly accessible, if not in a cultural sense, then at the very least in a physical sense. Manhattan is big, but it's not THAT big. TV makes it look bigger. There were days that I walked from NYU to the Empire State Building and back. Twice! That's hardly all the island, but you know what I mean. Before this trip, I thought that Manhattan was completely gargantuan and vast, in a daunting and insurmountable sort of way. The reality is that while the island is vast and monumental, but is such in a concentrated sort of way. The buildings are tall; the island is narrow. Maybe I expected it to be more like LA or Chicago?

The point, with Manhattan,is density, no? (obvi, i know. But not as much as you'd think)

Holy shit, this place is crowded

There are a lot of people. It's dazzling. Never have I felt more utterly alone than when standing on the streetcorner in NYC. You're never in anyone's way, they just straight up dont give a fuck about you. They go around.
Holy shit, this place is expensive

I dropped so many bills. Really.
Food is expensive. This is probably why the girls are so thin.
There are a lot of cute girls in New York. Period. There are also a lot of well-dressed people, in general. I like it.

New Yorkers: Not Total D-Bags

Going into my New York experiences, I was under the assumption that New Yorkers were rude and mean. They were not. People, when I managed to get a word in, were actually incredibly helpful and nice, even to this obvious tourist. It was very refreshing and inspiring. They're more approachable than I had figured, even if they are self-absorbed with their oh-so-busy schedules.


Adbusters was wrong. Maybe. Brooklyn rocked my face off.

In a Haze

While in New York, I was on visual overload.

For a minute by minute account of my travels, peep my twitter. Most of it is inappropriate, but whatever. Also, im experimenting with taking my images from, so none of these images are mine.

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