Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Storefront for Art and Architecture

While in New York, I literally stumbled across the Storefront for Art and Architecture, a tiny storefront on the lower part of Manhattan dedicated to showcasing small endeavors in art and architecture.

It's a really sweet place with amazing programing. They are currently holding an exhibit about a Robert Venturi house that's being moved from one part of metro new york to another. Here's a link to their YouTube channel. Their concept for a gallery is really interesting, especially since I got the impression their exhibits don't last very long and are very organic in terms of planning, organization, and execution. It was refreshing to see a place that didnt have an exhibition schedule several years into the next decade.

We need more places like this: approachable, interesting, vibrant micro-centers of culture and artistic development. The educational opportunities are limitless and can definitely be applied to subjects and topics other than art and architecture. What if there was a Storefront for Literature and Writing? Or a Storefront for History and Anthropology? Maybe there could be networks of these storefronts, each specializing in some sort of educational component presented in an innovative and creative manner.

Upcycle, please

Antonio Pacheco

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