Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Drop Knowledge

Recently, I became interested in a new student publication we have on campus, Drop Knowledge. Theyre basically a rag tag group of cool kids who go around exploring St. Louis and reporting back on their adventures to those who are sheltered and timid. So far, they have published two issues, the latest of which was just released yesterday evening.

They interest me for a few reasons:

1) They like exploring St. Louis. It's about time people began realizing that St. Louis is indeed a vibrant, cultural hotbed of the creativity, talent, and innovation that comes along with its status as an rebounding urban endeavor.

2) To clarify point #1, its about time people began writing and publishing about the realization that St. Louis is indeed a vibrant, cultural hotbed of the creativity, talent, and innovation. Those of us who are into the city, for whatever reason, keep our findings, comings, and goings mostly to ourselves and within relatively close-knit groups of friends. The only way St. Louis will be appreciated by the wider populace is via a published and accessible form of communication. My readership is pretty low and definitely caters to an audience that consists of my 15 closest friends, so somebody else has go to take this task on.

3) The DK kids are genuinely really awesome and interesting. Something about being in the architecture school/an environmentally-minded student has kept me locked within roughly the same social circle for almost all of college(doesn't it feel like the same 50 people to go most of the events on campus/in the city?). While I love my friends dearly, it's important to spread your roots into as many gardens as possible. Its rare here to find a group of people who are genuinely and passionately interested in... well, interesting things (its even more rare to find such a group that is willing to do something with those interests). Drop Knowlege is such a group.

4) Their magazine is published only online. While I understand that this fact is incredibly limiting in terms of the demographics DK is able to reach, I think its interesting and innovative. There is something to be said about being able to download an educational, polished, well-crafted piece of visual design.

5) they writing be sick, yo. Seriously. They're good writers and I like that.

So, check out their website and download the magazines!

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