Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Grand Avenue Viaduct

Yesterday, I was in the computer lab and I overheard this graddie talking about how he was interested in redesigning the Grand Avenue Metrolink Station in MidTown St. Louis. I immediately linked him to the old Grand Avenue Viaduct and told him about how awesome it was.

The Grand Avenue Viaduct was this really cool suspension bridge built over the Mill Creek Valley way back. It was demolished in the 60s or 70s (like many other awesome things in St. Louis) and rebuilt in a rather disappointing manner. The bridge used to carry the Grand Avenue street car line and was useful as a pedestrian walkway. Sadly, the Grand Avenue Bridge, while housing a metrolink station, is a dangerous and disappointing replacement.

The city is in the middle of replacing many of the overpasses and bridges along the 64/40 highway an the Grand Avenue Bridge will be included in that redevelopment plan.

Anyway, my discussion with this grad student made me think about the future of the Grand Avenue bridge and of the city, as a whole. St. Louis, like a lot of this country, is at a crossroads where decisions are being made that will not only impact many future generations, but decide whether or not our culture and city is viable in any long term way. We've begun to realize that our cities are actually worthwhile endeavors and that in order for us to succeed as a society, vibrant, urban centers are absolutely necessary.

It's an exciting time. Read all the hyperlinks, they're interesting and important.

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