Monday, May 18, 2009

Los Angeles

I just came back to St. Louis from a short stint at home, in Los Angeles. This trip home was particularly special for me because it is most likely the last time I will be home for about a year. But more importantly, It was my last time being in Los Angeles and seeing my family before my upcoming trip to europe.

It was really nice to go home. I had forgotten the pleasures and joys that come along with being mothered! Mothers are really quite excellent. Well, fathers too. Especially mine. And families, in general. I guess that's a pretty obvious sentiment, but it was made clearer by this trip. I went home because of that guilt trip, i guess (knowing that i wouldnt see them for months and months), and it was a good decision. Well worth the cash dropped and planes taken to get back and forth.

I want to talk about the importance of family, but the words escape me. Instead, I leave you with pictures of my other family. My friends. Specifically, our trip to the KOGI TRUCK on a late late night full of random, spontaneous fun.

Friends and family, I have come to learn, make life worth living. And that is a good thing.




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